Levelization: from Code to the Graphics with InvaderGames on Unreal Engine 4

DATE: Thursday the 17th of March.

The topic of the Workshop will be the Level Game Creation, from the creation and the structure in Engine of a standard level with coding interactions to the graphics. Matched together these two elements will bring to a more playable and enjoyable complete level of the dynamics and the aesthetics.

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The workshop is full-day (8 hours) from 9:00 to 18:00, with one hour lunch break.

CHECK IN: 8:30 – 9:00

Every 8 hours workshop’s ticket is fixed:
– to 125 € from the beginning of the sales till the 18th of February;
– to 160 € from the 19th of February till the 10th of March;
– to 190 € from the 11th of March till the end of sales.

Take a look to the Special Package:
“1 Workshop + Conference Ticket”: we offer 15% DISCOUNT on the total price!
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Since he was a boy Andrea Bonsignore has been interested in digital world. For this reason he took up the path in coding as a self-taught person during the junior high school years and at the same time he has been able to insert himself into some professional companies alongside the course of his studies.
His career into the videogame development world began in January 2015 with the foundation of the core team of “InvaderGames”. His role is to fulfil the administrative position of CEO and Co Founder, otherwise, in the technical part, he is the Lead Developer of the coding team of IG.

The workshop will be dived into different parts that will go along the attendees through the crucial steps of a Game Level creation :
– basis on the interactions of graphics and coding in a level using Unreal Engine 4
-explanation of how to set up the Code Layer divided between Level and Kernel and how to create debug tools for the real time use
-explanation of how to prepare meshes and game backgrounds replacing the basic Layout and, at the end, how to combine coding and graphics to complete the level.

– Chapter 1: What is a Game and the Gamification Process
– Chapter 2: Engine Structure Analysis
– Chapter 3: Engine-Oriented Workflow definition
– Chapter 4: Engine Toolset Analysis
– Chapter 5: Egnine Vs Native Implementation (direct use of the Hardware API)
– Chapter 6: Good practices for Game realization.

– Chapter 1: Game architecture (From generic to typed)
a:Study of Game Typology
b:Creation of Logic Structure for the Game
c: Engineering of the logic
d: Game Code Definition (Kernel – Modules – Functions)
e: Finalization and Visual Structure of the Game Architecture
– Chapter 2: Engine Architecture Adaptation
a: Study of Engine Code Structure
b: Conversion of Generic Game Architecture in Engine oriented
c: Optimization of Architecture with Engine Code Tool.
– Chapter 2: Game Classes Coding
a: Definition of Class types for the game.
b: Base Implementation of Game Classes
c: Class Interoperation and comunication structure
d: Encapsulation of the code structure (Indipendency)
f: Tips and Tricks for rock solid game Classes
– Chapter 3: Typed Class / Object Coding
a: Definition of typed Game Codes
b: implementation of typed function
c: Level Object definition
d: Implementation and creation of Level and Game visible Object
– Chapter 4: Code Analysis and Optimization
a: Analysis of Code structure and definition of performance Area
b: Analysis of Engine Performance optimization structure
c: Optimization of code flow for the performance.
c: Isolation of Black Performance Area (if possible)

– Chapter 1: Level Layout
a: Study of Level structure
b: Study of Level Tool integrated in Engine
c: Creation of Basic Guide structure for Level
d: package Level basic structure for Graphic Engine.
– Chapter 2: Graphic Content for Game Engine.
a: Basic concept of Graphic content for Game.
b: Difference between Game content and other Media.
c: Game Graphic Content Workflow and steps (Design, High Poly, Low Poly, UV etc).
d: Creation of Graphic Content for Game
– Chapter 3: From Graphic Engine to Game Engine.
a: Difference between Graphic Engine and Game Engine
b: Graphic Engine Settings for Game Content Creation.
c: Use of Engine Basic Structure on Graphic Engine
d: Build of Graphic Game Contents
e: Export of Graphic Contents for Game Engine
d: Import On Game Engine and Integrity Check.

BUILD THE GAME! (Bring live to the scene, MakeUp the level)

-Interaction with the Engine (level design and code level)
-Level Design with the engine tools
-Debug Tools in scene
-Mesh integration in level
-Mesh integration in code

The workshop is for all that users that want to understand the work pipeline for the creation of a game level and the mechanics of an operational game both on the aesthetic and coding side.
It is also possible to elaborate the engine aspects to give the users the possibility to optimise his own materials for the engine target.

– Basic knowledge of a game engine.
– Basic knowledge of informatics and general coding.
– Knowledge of basic 3D modelling.

– Hardware able to run Unreal Engine 4 and graphics tools. ( ex Maya, Blender, Zbrush ect).
– Visual Studio 2013 o 2015

Seats are limited.
The workshop will be held only if the minimun number of attendees is reached.

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“1 Workshop + Conference Ticket”: we offer 15% DISCOUNT on the total price!
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