Startuppers, come on!

Codemotion Rome 2016 is also Startup!

Best promising tech startups from most disruptive Startup Accelerators around has been invited and will take part to Startup Showcase, an amazing opportunity to enroll top talented developers and showcase their product to developers, engineers, Italian ICT companies and large international companies which will attend to the event.

Let’s come and meet:

Translated: they provide professional translation services in over 1600 language combinations offering a guarantee of cost, quality and quick delivery service.

Rebrandly: the service which provides fastest way to create and share links with your own brand.

Filo“FInd & LOcate what you care about”) It is a small device that helps you to keep track of all your stuff by simply attaching it to objects that do not want to miss or forget.
Wanderio:  They provide you with all the information you need for your trip in just one search. Plan and book every single step with just one click.

IOOTA:  a startup that works in the Internet of Things field. Its main product is a PaaS for Home Automation, Security and Energy Management.

ChupamobileThe Marketplace where to Buy and Sell Ready Made Apps and Games for iOS and Android.

FWR: A Factory that designs and develops digital platforms. They boast a portfolio of products and unique technologies that together allow effective designing services and human-machine interaction.

WeBox Studio: a solid team of Web & Software Developers, Graphic Designers, and Marketers passionate about the Web and focused on Web solutions, which brings together product design and development, brand communications, social connections and innovative marketing strategies.

KPI6: they monitor the flow of information generated on social media in order to help companies to make better decisions, quicker. With KPI6 tool you get to know the past to predict the future.

Babaiolathe travel and experiences search-engine dedicated to the LGBT community, who care to provide you gay-friendly destinations, showing you the best cities with flights, hotels and activities on a budget.

Karaoke One (Lisari Srl) is a mobile app that transforms the experience of karaoke in social activity, making singing not only a game but also a challenge.

Codemotion Rome is the natural encounter point for both national and international startups, working rubbing shoulders, a place to meet and pitch, and spread the word about new technology or product proposal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet & greet our selected startups! Come and discover  freshest ideas in town!

Once again Codemotion turn out to be a great supporter for innovative startups to deal with companies and developers and promote theirselves: don’t miss the conference!

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