Unleash innovative ideas at Codemotion Unconference!

For the very first time Codemotion hosts – beside the established conference – an informal space of Unconference, jointly organized with Mobile Tea.

An Unconference is a participant-driven meeting. Its format creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity, in which everyone could share their thoughts or experiences.

Codemotion and Mobile Tea chose to define some of the talks  of the Unconference before the event, letting some free space for late coming proposals.

The topics of the Unconference will be:

  • Micro Services and Best Practices
  • IoT & Smart Home
  • Innovative Startups

All the attendees will have the opportunity to put conference sessions on the agenda and all sessions are welcome, provided that they are relevant to the stated topics.

You can submit your talk by filling this form or, otherwise you can propose your talk directly on Friday 18th, starting from 11:00  to 11:20 in the networking area at Codemotion Conference: we will provide a whiteboard… fill it with all your proposals

Each talk will have a maximum length of 15 minutes; sessions will followed by be some free space for debate, with the background music of Valerio Galli DJ accompanied by tea, pastries and lighting talks!!!


* 11:00 – 11:20 -> Talks proposals  – we will provide with  all you may need

* 01:00 – 02:00 -> Voting talks and creating final agenda

* 03:05 – 03:15 -> Opening unconference e talks presentation  

* 03:20 – 04:00 -> Sessions (Micro Services & Best Practices)

* 04:05 – 04:15 -> Networking & Lighting talk  

* 04:20 – 05:00 -> Sessions (IoT & Smart Home)

* 05:05 – 05:15 -> Networking & Lighting talk   

* 05:20 – 06:00 -> Sessions (Innovative Startups)

Starting from 6:00 Codemotion and Mobile Tea will kick off networking session, offering an aperitif to all the attendees!

Codemotion Unconference will take place on Friday 18th, from 15:20 to 18, in the relax area of Hack garden, room DS2 (formerly maker area).

If you have a content which you would like to share with our attendees, don’t be shy and throw your hat in the ring!

By signing up you will give us the ability to better organize the space, also you will run to be one of the 60 lucky winners of the awesome Unconference T-shirts!

Submit your proposal now!

Please notice, attendance is allowed only to Codemotion Conference Ticket holders

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