Keynote IBM: IBM Bluemix the new Era of Cognitive by Elisabetta Rinaldi and Rossella de Gaetano

Rossella De Gaetano, Rossella De Gaetano


The digital disruption is underway across all industries, and at the core of this disruption is a transformation and acceleration of innovation, development and delivery methods. IBM is leading this disruption thrue the Cognitive ERA. Watson is creating a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales andaccelerates human expertise IBM Watson services available on Bluemix are the building blocks for developers to create the next generation of cognitive applications to transform the way businesses engage with their customers, discover, innovate and make decisions.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Rossella De Gaetano

Senior Technical Staff Member Cloud Platform - IBM

Joined IBM immediately after college as software developer. A few years of experience as designer and developer of product installers using native technologies on Linux, Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI, z/OS. Long experience in developing and designing client-server applications and web applications. Great ability in leading geographically distributed team covering the whole software lifecycle development: development, test, customer support .

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Rossella De Gaetano

Senior Technical Staff Member, Cloud Foundation Services - IBM

Rossella studied mathematics university. She started her carreer in IBM in the license management area as developer, then she has been technical leader for a couple of asset management products. In the last few years, she joined the cloud division becoming the subject matter expert for SmartCloud Provisioning and IBM Cloud Orchestrator and taking leadership roles in customer support and development. In 2015 she has been appointed Senior Technical Staff Member and took over the responsibility for Cloud Foundation Services business analytics. Hobbies: 7 times italian Taekwondo champion

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