Develop apps for (Apple) TV

Francesco Novelli


Apple is trying to revolution the TV. Apple now allows developers to build AppleTV Apps and distribute them on the AppleTV AppStore. It's a big opportunity for iOS&Mac developer to expand their market and build something unique. This talk will explain how make app for TV. It will also analyze the various challenges of making application for TV and the difference between TV and mobile device.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Francesco Novelli

Mobile Developer - Blinkar

I'm 23 years old software developer. I've started working with PHP following the programming passion and I've improved my skills during the years. I also start to developing for iOS when the SDK came out and some years later I wrote a book about iOS app developing and this year I wrote also a book about OS X programming. Actually I work as freelance and I develop web app using PHP (I use Yii framework) and iOS Apps. Speaker at Codemotion 2013 and PragmaConference 2013.

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