RabbitMQ: Message queuing that works

Gabriele Santomaggio


In this talk I will show how to use RabbitMQ for two different applications. For the first one, how to setup a simple messaging application using different clients as Java, Java-Script, Python, Erlang, .Net, etc. For the second one, how to distribute long batch processes between more consumers in high-availability configuration. In both examples, we will see how to scale the application in terms of clients and brokers, we will see a few standard configurations for local cluster and geographics one. At the end of this talk, you will have walked through all the basics of RabbitMQ.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Gabriele Santomaggio

Developer - ioSport

I started programming with the AMIGA 500! Ah, the good old days! I am RabbitMQ contributor, StackOverflow supporter and co-author of "RabbitMQ Cookbook."

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