Let's go HTTPS

Simone Carletti


HTTPS has gone mainstream and nowadays it's a good practice to serve a website via HTTPS. However, simply installing a TLS/SSL certificate may not be not enough to stay secure. It's important to understand how HTTPS works and how to configure it properly. In this talk we'll take a look at different types of SSL certificates, along with how to obtain a trusted SSL certificate and install it on the most common web servers/PaaS. Finally, we'll discuss the best practices surrounding HTTPS, including the HSTS headers, public key pinning, and common pitfalls such as the mixed security error.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Simone Carletti

Lead Programmer - DNSimple

Simone is a passionate programmer, a scuba diving instructor and a former professional sommelier. Simone is very passionate about code quality and best practices. He has been involved with software development for more than a decade, contributing code and creating libraries in several different programming languages. The most recent projects are available at simonecarletti.com and his GitHub account (weppos). Currently, Simone is a lead programmer at DNSimple, a company providing DNS hosting, domain registration and SSL certificates.

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