Beauty Treatment for your Android Application

Jose L Ugia


Android Apps are ugly. They are slow. Android is laggy. I know, you have heard a lot of that in the last years. Enough of it! It is now time to get your revenge back and take advantage of the new tools to draw and animate, design guidelines and a few tricks and recipes to make your Android application stand out from the rest. Join me to speak about how to make your application look different by adding subtle effects that are appealing to the eye and the overall experience of your users.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jose L Ugia

CTO - Aureum Digital

Entrepreneur. Passionate about the combination of business and product development together with software engineering. Interested in new technologies, especially in the areas of mobile, cloud, and e-health. Author, wanna-be social entrepreneur and always free for long beer conversations. — Currently Co-Founder & Head of Tech @ Momenta. Google Developer Expert.

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