The next frontier: WebGL and WebVR

Martin Naumann


The browser is a window into a vast, unlimited world. But what about we don't just peek into a flat, page-based world, but into a space with depth? What can we build with that? And now that our browser is the portal to a space, how can we immerse ourselves into it, rather than stare into it from the outside? And maybe we can link this world inside our browser to our real world as well? This talk explores the possibilities technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality by using WebGL and Javascript to extend and enhance the web beyond the flat browser window.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Martin Naumann

Software Engineer - Archilogic

Martin is a software engineer, open source contributor and web evangelist at heart. He spends his day thinking about moving the web forward, fixing problems and breaking things for fun&profit. He's a generic geek, seasoned developer and versatile jack of all trades: Software on embedded systems, mobile devices, the front- and backend are where he feels at home.

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