Why DevOps is not enough

Uwe Friedrichsen


The DevOps movement is gaining momentum - which is good. But still DevOps often is seen way to small. DevOps is not only some more collaboration between Development and Operations. It is the implementation driver for a massive change in IT - and it is not enough in itself. In this session we will examine the drivers and goals behind DevOps, why we need the change, how DevOps affects the whole IT and what else is needed to really "become DevOps". We will develop an "DevOps ecosystem" and draw the missing lines between several important concepts that all feed into the actual goals behind DevOps.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Uwe Friedrichsen

CTO - codecentric AG

Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years. As a fellow of codecentric AG he is always in search of innovative ideas and concepts. His current focus areas are resilience, scalability and the IT of (the day after) tomorrow. Often, you can find him on conferences sharing his ideas, or as author of articles, blog posts, tweets and more.

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