From zero to exit: a full startup journey

Michele Orsi


In 2011 I started my first company (map2app) with two friends, 4 years later we got acquired by Bravofly (now group). The storytelling around startups is usually associated with ideas, being fool and taking risks. Customers and money will eventually arrive! This is a dangerous vision that doesn't focus enough on execution. My talk describes the reality of running a business: failures and excitement, market niche and market fit, customer satisfaction and business growth. From Bologna to San Francisco and back to Switzerland I learnt a lot of useful lessons, that ask to be shared

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Michele Orsi

Software architect - group

I am a software engineer that is really passionated about the job and is continuously working and studying to improve skills and knowledge. I founded a company with 2 friends that was sold this year in February 2015 to group. Before I was in Germany at European Space Agency, where I helped brilliant guys to flight satellites. At the moment I am in London as a Software Architect in group.

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