Principles of Evolutionary Architecture

Rebecca Parsons


With business models and business needs changing so rapidly, an adaptable architecture is critical to allow systems to cope with change. Historically, adaptability has been sought through anticipating the places where a system must be adaptable and through various architectural approaches. However, recent experiences have shown these approaches to be inadequate, at least as currently practiced. This talk presents some principles of evolutionary architecture that allow systems to respond to change without needing to predict the future.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Rebecca Parsons

Chief Technology Officer - ThoughtWorks

Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks' CTO. Her interests include evolutionary architecture, parallel and distributed computation, programming languages, domain specific languages, evolutionary architecture, genetic algorithms, and computational science. Rebecca received a BS in Computer Science and Economics from Bradley University, and both an MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University.

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