How Angular2 can improve your Angular1 apps today

Nir Kaufman


While we all wait for Angular2 to be ready, Angular1 is powering thousands of single page applications today. By adopting Angular2 concepts and applying them to our Angular1 application, we can win two prizes at once: Make our code cleaner, maintainable and modular while getting ready for a future migration to Angular2 when it is ready. Through this talk I will show the process of refactoring our Angular1 code to meet Angular2 concepts through a series of code examples based on real-world use cases. Finally, we will migrate the whole app to Angular2.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Nir Kaufman

Head of Angular development - 500tech

Google Developer Expert (GDE) in web technologies and Angular, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor, Angular evangelist, and tech community leader. Head of the Angular department at 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy based in Tel Aviv.

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