IBM Bluemix: science fiction has been everything is possible

Ferdinando Gorga


The cloud is not just about new apps or existing ones, on-prem or off-prem, IaaS or PaaS. It’s about bringing all of this together to move cloud into the core business of modern enterprise. Bluemix is a platform built to help companies drive pervasive transformation. With developer-centric compute models, instant access to over 150 services – including ones that facilitate modern architecture and delivery practices around mobile, microservices, DevOps and continuous delivery – Bluemix makes it easier to ship powerful, high-quality software every day.

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Ferdinando Gorga

Bluemix Cloud solution Architect - IBM

Software Engineering Specialist- Technical Sales Representative - Courses teacher for customers and Universities - IBM Mobile First and IBM Bluemix solution architect Evangelist for IBM Mobile First solutions and IBM Bluemix cloud solutions. With culture and eclectic personality, he is interested in high tech, electronics, computer science, mathematics, science and literature. He works with energy in team and is able to manage complex situations. He is writer and speaker in conferences and seminars in the university context. He likes traveling, motorbikes, sailboats, sports and nature in gen

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