Dockerize it: stop living in the past and embrace the future

Alex Nadalin


Docker is a groundbreaking technology that will heavily influence how we will write software in the years to come: let's then have a look at * where it comes from (Linux Containers) * how it works * how to dockerize simple apps to easily deploy them on production * how you can use Docker in local environments to simplify your development workflow Do you like Vagrant, auto-scaling or 12-factor apps? Then get ready to be mindblown.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Alex Nadalin

VP Technology - Namshi

Alessandro Nadalin is a seasoned technical leader, currently in Dubai working for Rocket Internet, who pays a lot of attention to enterprise patterns, methodologies and SOA. He has been involved in projects for the italian government, Samsung, Nissan, ENI and in the e-commerce scene in the Middle East. When he’s not working, you can find him speaking at some conference, riding his motorcycle, blogging or eating some indonesian food in the old side of Dubai.

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