Progressive Enhancement for JavaScript Apps

Garann Means


When progressive enhancement was introduced as a concept, JavaScript applications seemed as relevant as flying cars. As JS became more powerful, it seemed we'd reach a point where we could forget PE entirely. For its original meaning, we now have rock-solid libraries and polyfills to provide abstractions that make PE easy. But as JS has advanced, we've started writing things that can't be polyfilled. We know now how to progressively enhance widgets and user interactions. We'll talk about how we progressively enhance entire applications, and why it's more important than ever that we do so.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Garann Means

JavaScript developer - freelance

Garann began doing web development in 1997 and was drawn from the beginning to front-end development. While working in various languages at various companies, she watched JavaScript mature and eventually focused on that language and a speciality, using it in both client-side and server-side web dev. She also founded and led technical meetups and trainings, contributed articles to publications such as A List Apart, and is the author of one book, Node.js for Front-End Developers.

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