Vagrant for real

Michele Orselli


Vagrant is a well-known tool for creating development environments in a simple and consistent way. Since we adopted in our organization we experienced several benefits: lower project setup times, better shared knowledge among team members, less wtf moments ;-) In this session I’d like to share our experience, including but not limited to: - advanced vagrantfile configuration - vm configuration tips for dev environment: performance, debug, tuning - our wtf moments - puphet/phansilbe: hot or not? - tips for sharing a box

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Michele Orselli

CTO - Ideato

Software engineer, working with PHP since 2005 and now CTO at Ideato. I have broad interests in several aspects of software development like automation, quality and testing. I'm co-author of "PHP Best Practices", published by FAG in 2012. Serial speaker @phpday, you can find some of my talks on

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