Welcome to Mordor! Hunting Performance Issues in Node.js.

Daniel Khan


If there is bad press about Node.js it's because of performance issues and how hard it is to track them down. Usually these problems are hiding during development but start to kick in under high load. Not good. In my talk we will briefly go through the "hall of fame" of Node.js performance problems and the technical details behind them. By doing so, we will also get some valuable insights on how Node.js (V8, libuv) works internally. Then we will learn how to create metrics that the V8 engine provides to us out of the box and learn about tools that help interpreting them.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Daniel Khan

Node.js Technology Lead - Dynatrace Austria

Daniel started his career in front of his fathers Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Luckily a brand new thing called "Word Wide Web" crossed his path some years later and he built an ugly personal website on GeoCities. Nevertheless he became a go-to-person for websites of all kinds, found out that he needs Perl to send a form by email and MySQL to store things. The rest is history. Perl became PHP, PHP became Node.js and trial and error became craftsmanship. Today, Daniel shares his MacBook with his 4 kids and and uses his broad knowledge working as technology strategist at Dynatrace.

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