How I learned to love React

David Clements


"I think we're going to have to go with React...", was the concluding statement of a long day, preceded by two weeks of contention. I didn't choose React because I liked it from a technical perspective, I chose it because it was the right fit for the people in our team. However, after scrapping a three-quarter written web application and rewriting it in React, initial disdain has turned into appreciation; somewhat facilitated by the excellent Redux state library. In this talk we'll discuss why React makes sense for organizations, how to get the most out of it through following certain paradigm

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

David Clements

Architect & Lead Trainer - nearForm

David Mark Clements is an author, developer, corporate trainer & architectural consultant specialising in JS, UX, Node, MicroServices & Performance. In 2011, David wrote the 1st edition of Node Cookbook, which is now on it's second edition while a third bumper edition is in progress for 2016. Being primarily self taught, David has a potent curiosity that drives him to approach problems with a unique perspective. At age 5, he was shown his first BASIC program. It was a two liner that infinitely printed "DAVID". He's had a passion for programming ever since.

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